Providing encouragement, mentorship, workshops, and consultation to individuals, faith communities, and other groups who are striving to create communities of welcome, inclusion, and mutuality.


what we do


We are a non-profit organization based in Boise, Idaho, encouraging and facilitating the development of long-term, dignity giving relationships between folks who are joining our communities through refugee resettlement and members of the host country. 

We believe that there is significant work to be done in providing a culture of welcome, belonging, and inclusion in our neighborhoods, churches, and cities. As an organization, we continue to grow and evolve as we learn from our friends who are traveling the resettlement journey and have so much to teach us.

We offer workshops, training, and consultation to faith communities and other groups who desire to engage in meaningful ways with our neighbors from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. In our workshops, we explore, through interactive discussion and presentation, ethno-mutual approaches to engaging with survivors of trauma from diverse cultures:

  • Learning foundations of culture that will expand awareness, increase mutual understanding, and equip us to be culturally inclusive
  • Learning how to communicate effectively, without condescension, in a multi-lingual environment
  • Learning about the various ways people can be affected by trauma, and how to adapt our relationships, services, and programs to provide a context for healing
  • Creating a personal culture of “ethnomutuality” that will help us avoid ethnocentrism, condescension, unconscious bias, us/them thinking, and “rescuer” mentality
  • How to engage in ways that offer “Healing Encounters”, which are infused with dignity, choice, and trust
  • Designing and participating in programs that meet genuine needs in your community without creating dependency, condescension, or division

who we are

  • Traci Harrod is the founder and director of Refuge. She brings to Refuge many years of experience in working with people from varying cultures, including living and working in rural Kenya for several years, where she and Danny both learned to speak Swahili. They also lived in western Oregon for 14 years, where Traci worked in youth and family ministry. Since moving to Boise in 2008, Traci has enjoyed partnering with Boise’s diverse refugee population in a wide variety of ways. She currently serves at a local health center, which focuses on providing equitable care to survivors of trauma and torture from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. There she coordinates and guides a multi-cultural team of health advisors, and serves as an intercultural consultant and Swahili interpreter.
  • Traci enjoys providing workshops across a wide variety of disciplines that help strengthen care and services to trauma survivors from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. She has presented workshops at the Idaho Conference on Refugees, the North American Refugee Health Conference, Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, local school districts, health clinics, resettlement agencies, non-profit organizations, and churches.  Workshops are often co-presented with Marla Lipscomb, Traci’s colleague and partner in curriculum development and workshop presentation. Marla is a licensed clinical social worker who provides specialized expertise in trauma and counseling.
  • Danny is Professor of Intercultural Studies at Boise Bible College, where he guides students in preparing for lives of cross-cultural engagement through teaching, mentoring, and learning experiences such as internships and service opportunities. He has made several return visits to Kenya and other countries in Africa, accompanying students on journeys of listening and learning, in cooperation with local ministries.

  • Traci and Danny live near the Boise foothills, where they often enjoy an evening hike, followed by several nice cups of tea.  They have 4 treasured children (all grown) and 2 precious grandchildren.